Daily Devotion – 7 March

The Destructive Power of a Bad Attitude

At times, our worse trait is not the bad thing we may have done but our attitude.  One bad attitude can do enormous harm, not just to others but often, mainly to ourselves.

Which is precisely why our Bible says so much about thinking positively (Norman Vincent Peale was on the mark in this regard.)

One day, the story goes on the Red River at a crossing point from Oklahoma into Texas, a passenger asked the barge operator, "What kind of people live in Texas?

"What kind of folks were the people where you're coming from?" asked the barge operator.

"Good people, very good people," said the passenger.

"Well, I think you'll find a lot of good people in Texas." came the reply.

Soon thereafter, another passenger asked the operator the same question, to which the barge operator also asked, "What kind of folks were the people where you're coming from?"

"Bad people, some very, very bad people."

Operator, "Well, I think you'll find a lot of bad people in Texas."

Prayer, Fernando F. Cantu

Lord, show us how to live today with genuine concern for others. May we always remember that all are your children and in expressing our care, may we show that all are valued, loved and appreciated because they are your creation. In Jesus, Amen.







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