Daily Devotion – 30 March

Setting Priorities

By Pastor Andy

"I've got a million things to do," my friend almost always says when I call him.  And, as one would guess, he sounds agitated and frustrated.

However upset he may be, it is obviously true that he's not going to get done evertything that's worrying him.   As we all do, he needs to set priorities and do as much or as many of, say, the Top 5 as he can.

Every one of us has priorities, of course, often beginning with our work, or "our job" as we may refer to it.

But I submit there are greater priorities, namely the health of ourselves and our families; and if we are parents, especially giving attention to the emotional needs of our children.

I stress "emotional;" For we Americans tend to think of providing for our children as giving them "things," or "possessions."

But to be responsible parents, we must ask about how they're feeling; if sad, why? If without hope, why?

Growing up is not easy.  And perhaps THE great sin of modern Americans is their failure to give proper attention to the emotional wellbeing of their children.

Hug them regularly.  Pray for them constantly.  Encourage them without end.  Reassure them in every way you can that they are worthy individuals.

PRAYER:  May God be especially close to parents of today, guiding them toward responsible, loving parenthood.  AMEN