The Real Need in Our Educational System

By Andrew L. Pate

We in the USA need to do a better job of educating our children and youth. We are well aware of that need, but often going about answering it in the wrong ways;

For one, we do not need to ban books and other literature we may think harmful to young minds;

For another, we do not need more Christian ("Evangelical) teaching in our schools; and

Thirdly we do not need persons with little or no educational background telling us how to run the schools.

All three of these proposed solutions are totally inadequate. Why? Because they miss the point.

The point is: our schools are not doing a good job of educating ALL the students, from those with the lowest IQ's to those with the highest.

Education in American should be for ALL THE STUDENS.

Because we have done miserably in that regard, many are left adrift, without a sense of accomplishment and in despair about what they are going to do with their lives.

Little wonder, that the "left out" are prime candidates to become our headline killers.

The called for revision would seek to accomplish the following, at a minimum: Offer a variety of programs the aim of which is to graduate students either ready to further their education or already prepared to work full time at a vocation or profession.

We have neglected our trade schools and other programs designed to refine the natural skills of the students. Some should be carpenters, or garden and lawn carers; or ditch diggers and highway pavers. The list of possible "real" trades is endless'; and we need to enlarge considerably our offerings in all of them.

Sadly, the "left out" have not been the only victims of our unbalanced system. The "haves", the highly intelligent and college bound; they have too few skills for everyday living and do not fully appreciate the great value of manual labor (as contrasted with intellectual endeavors).

America! Wake Up! Educate ALL the students.