Daily Devotion – 29 March

By Pastor Andy

Too often parents and others are receiving word that their children and friends are in grave danger.  The unwanted has happened.

Of course we need to be prepared, even for the worst.  But that's not the way things ordinarily go.  We proceed day by day, moment by moment really, as though everything is going to be okay.  Most of the time we simply are not ready for the worst.

So how do we get ready?

#1 - We build a strong faith within us, one that loves life, respects others and believes wholeheartedly that, in the long run, the Best will come.

Without such a faith, we are vulnerable, to even the slightest set back really.  Which explains in large measure the lack of faith in persons who kill others.   They simply do not strongly believe in the Triump of the Good.

Have faith!  Love God!  Then, as St. Augustine said, "do as you plese."

You will be as well prepared as you can be for anything!


O God, my Strength, You are faithful. You abound in steadfast love to me. And I know, that Your love endures forever. Help me to trust You. Help me to rely on You as my source of strength. Lord, it is so easy for me to falter in my faith and let other things weaken my dependence on You. AMEN