The Winning Spirit, It’s Contagious

By Andrew L. Pate
I've often wondered why my home town is so widely known for its high school football. They've only won five state titles since they had their first game in 1931, but most of the years since they've always been" in the hunt," so to speak, a team to be reckoned with.

It has a great deal to do with playing winning football, of course. The Refugio Bobcats have won more playoff games than any other in Texas. And the teams, the coaches, the fans -- they never seem to tire of the repetitions. Winning, in fact, appears to be its own stimulus. You win, you keep on winning. It feels "so good." That's precisely how the people of Refugio, Texas feel.

But I'm compelled to move beyond the winning at football to the more important matter of what does the game's Spirit say about itself and its people.

Aha! Winning at a game has created both a great expectation and a great hope:  that the experience will, indeed, come again, expanding and repeating itself time and again.

The people of Refugio expect to win at life itself; and their great hope is that all people will in some way (s) hold that expectation and have it fulfilled.

It might be winning at another game, at telling tall tales,  at singing or dancing, or writing or remembering fine experiences, on an on; there are multiple avenues through which human beings can win.

You are a winner! That's the message of Refugio Texas to all people.

Never, never doubt that you are!

And when you're down, tired, and just sick of thinking you're a loser, come see us! We can help!

March 28, 2023