Daily Devotion – 25-26 March

The Awesome Value of a Healthy Religion

Our faith is an important, if not the central element in the lives of most of us.

But simply having faith is not enough.  What we believe must be, to use a well-known trilogy, healthy, wealthy and wise.

Healthy, by holding fast to the basic beliefs in the sanctity and beauty of life for everyone.

Wealthy, in valuing people over possessions and by upholding others of all races, colors and creeds as children of God;

And Wise in being open always to new insights about the beauty and wonder of God's world.



Fernando Cantu

Heavenly Father, we pray for each and every soul reading this that You would please poor out Your Spirit of Love and Wisdom. Anoint us with peace and direction for our lives to bear witness of Your Unconditional Love and Mercy. Enable us to see beyond the business of each day to all the blessings you give us. Enable us to STOP, BE STILL and give praise and Glory to the Holy One of Israel. Direct us in ministry to bear witness of Your Love, direct us with our children, our family our friends to SHINE your Love to them. Enable us to be LESS so that YOU may be More!!!! Let us proclaim Strength and Restoration to those whose spirits have been crushed by abuse. We praise You Heavenly Father and trust Your perfect will for our lives! In Jesus Precious Name ~ AMEN!