Daily Devotion – 24 March


Family is of Prime Importance

We can spend so much time trying to relate to friends and others that we spend little time working on our family connections.

How close are to our parents?  to our siblings?  Do we really know one another.

If we do, those relationships can be imensely valuable in our lifetimes, often in situations where we are in trouble.

Ordinarily, I'd like to think, our family comes to our aid.  But where rivalries have not been resolved, where family members spend so much time doing other things they neglecdt one another.

Today is my late sister's birthday.  I remember her with great fondness.  She was a grand sister.


God be with our family,
From the youngest to the oldest,
Lighting up our relationships,
Sowing grace into our troubles.

God be with our family,
Weaving love into our work,
Our rest, and our play. AMEN