Daily Devotion – 23 March


100 Years Ago (1923) The Equal Rights Amendment was proposed, which granted all Americans of age the right to vote, including women.

Equality is ofttimes more a goal than a reality.  It's hard to imagine now that prior to 1923 women could not vote in the USA.  There has been what we call "progress," but to what extent? Many women would still insist that they do not have "equal" rights; and surely also would Blacks and others who are considered minorities.

Yet, we strive.  Equality is a mission, a purpose.  We are always and forever in pursuit of it.  For one person's gain seems always to be another's loss.

A wise person, a wise Christi if you will, will consistently fight for equality among all peoples and for the rejection of the notion that some among us are better than others because we have a certain skin color or reside in a particular place.

God was in Christ "reconciling" the world unto himself.  Not just me, or just you...the world!

Fannny Cantu PRAYER

Heavenly Father, most often we awaken as any other day forgetting what is important and what we need or should be doing. Remind ourselves to be full of praise to Him, who is our Creator! Amen!