Daily Devotion – 8 March

Let's Test Our Mental Health

There are many signs of mental disorder, including:  confusion, depression, social withdrawal, extreme feelings of pleasure, anger, excitement, fear or grief.

I’ve tested myself and agree, There have been times when I was not functioning like a well person, and those times often involved confusion, fear and grief.  Fortunately, to my mind, those emotions  did not become permanent, thanks, I firmly belive, to my early and continuing exposure to the healthy teachings of one Jesus of Nazareth.

But in these days through which we’re living, there are many people showing us that the signs of mental disorder are huge, and deeply troubling.

This applies to our political leadership perhaps more than to anyone else.  To assure a sound future of our democracy and for peace, love and justice in our workd, we MUST have leaders who are mentally healthy.

If we don’t have them, woe is us.

Pastor Andy

Fernando F. Cantu

Heavenly Father, we thank you for giving us another day. Let us walk in the Holy Spirit in your presence. Show us your path so we may do your will and be at peace and happy in this life and blessed in the life to come. We pray in the name of Christ, Amen.