How Important Are You?

As we all know, we Americans worship money, power, and notoriety.  The more money you have, they more power and the better known your are - the more we want to hear about you, and were we honest, confess that we envy you.

It's an understatement to say, "Everybody wants to be somebody,  and not just a nobody."

I think so.  But our faith affirms that every life is precious, not just one, all--prebirth, after birth, and, yes, even after death.

But not everybody is worthy, you say.  True.  Many among us succumb to temptation to get the things we want, and even, to be "somebody."

According to Jesus, "You are the salt of the earth."

And Jesus says that to me as well.

And Jesus calls us to live as though we know we are special, created to live the best of all possible lives.

Prayer - Fernando F Cantu

Jesus, You bore the pain that we all deserve. Such love and grace are unfathomable! We owe You our lives, the greatest thanks-offering we have. Help us this day to live with joy and gratitude in our hearts. Help us to remember who we are in You and to recall what value You have placed on our lives. You paid for our lives with Your precious blood, something we can never repay. All glory to You! And in Your name we pray with thanksgiving, Amen.

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