Daily Devotion – 29 January ’23


We understand a major part of what happened when four white police treat a black person badly.  But four black police brutally attacking a black man so badly that he dies as a consequence, that's more difficult to take in.

But it has happened, as recently as earlier this week in Memphis, TN, which should tell us, I believe:  OUR JUSTICE PROBLEM IS NOT JUST RACIAL, IT IS MUCH DEEPER, IT GOES TO THE HEART OF OUR WAY OF TRYING TO  BALANCE THE JUSTICE SCALES,  AT WHICH WE ARE TERRIBLE!

Indeed, race has a lot to do with the imbalance.  Whites on the whole get more preferable treatment, especially if they are wealthy and have political and social influence.

But is it not the case that money and power are often THE deciding factors?  If you are powerless, whatever your race or religion .  No one needs to tell me, but if I were speeding  recklessly at 85 mph on a busy highway and Donald Trump was doing the same; we "might" have to pay the same fine, but I'm the one more likely to end up in jail.

My point:  Our Justice scale is out of  balance.

But we can correct it. by insisting  that our police treat everybody the same, regardless of how pretty may be the traffic violator or how influential the violator's social and policitical status.

The temptation, of course, is to go easy on those whom it's easy to go easy on.

Stop it!  Let Justice reign!

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