Daily Devotion – 27 January ’23

I Believe in Miracles, Do You?

We can correct our mistakes.  We can teach our children how to live at peace with themselves and others who are different.  In other words, we have the ability and the know how to do better as a people than we have been doing.

But we must want it.  And when we really want it, we will do it.  Here I submit is a first step in that direction:

We must cease worshipping money and power.  The media fill us with information about the wealthiest and the most powerful, knowing full well that is exactly what we want.

But, in all seriousness, let us question what we've done:  we've put money and power at the top of our hierarchy of values.

When will we be told, if ever, who the individuals (or families) are  who give the most to charity, and relative to their income?  From my experience I know there are quite a few who more than tithe, including my wife when she was living.   How about a list of just the Top 10?  And please don't tell me we cannot find out.

And what about those other individuals who give of their time and energy to support friends in trouble, the sick, the lame, the dying? In large measure, they go unnoticed, for they are not seeking fame or fortune, only the good life for themselves and those about whom they care.

I know we can praise such worthy persons.  But will we?  Not likely, and never if we continue to worship those who make lots and lots of money and use it to buy influence and make more money.

"Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."  Matthew 6:21

David Vilma Ramirez, Prayer

"Thank You, Jesus, for finding and loving me! Please send me in Your joy to another who needs You today. Amen!"


Pastor Andy



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