The Most Difficult Thing for Us to Do

We're not referring here to things that are beyond our physical abilities.  We're referring to matters of our intelligence and knowledge.

Many times unaware, we learn new things most every day by our exposure to the news and by going places we've never been to before or by travelling along new routes.

But beyond those and similar examles, we are stubborn in our ways.  We like for things to be familiar.  Yet, that is not always the case.  Our ideas, our ways of thinking are challenged by a different way of thinking.

And, yes, indeed!  It is terribly hard to change one's opinions, especially if you've held them for a while, or travelled a certain train of thought; then one day, that train is questioned.  It has missing links, that you did know previously acknowledge.

Such is our politics, our religion and also, many of our ideas about people and human behavior.  It's next to impossible for us to be corrected.

We need to be more open.  I need to.  I think most everybody need to be ready to learn something new and/or adopt a new way of understanding life and its complexities.

It's called "growth."

God bless. Learn something new today!

Pastor Andy

David Vilma Ramirez:   As believers striving to imitate Jesus today, let’s give our lives over to our Master Teacher so we can become like Him in knowledge, wisdom, and behavior. He alone can help us reflect His generous, loving ways.

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