Daily Devotion – 4-5 February ’23


In a recent  column, NY Times writer David Broder wrote about the absence of the human element in today's literature as well as from things  in general

A portion of Broder's  critique of current literature  :  'It’s missing a humanistic core. It’s missing an individual person’s passion, pain, longings and a life of deeply felt personal experiences. It does not spring from a person’s imagination, bursts of insight, anxiety and joy that underlie any profound work of human creativity."

Broder has zeroed in on the key to healthy living;  we humans must care about one another, and show it.

I think many people still have "passions" and "bursts of insight," but  the scarcity of such among our youth is disturbing.  Why, otherwise, are there an increasing number of suicides and mass killings?

The Golden Rule still applies; if we love others as we love ourselves, we have discovered the deepest treasures in earthly living.

Pastor Andy