Is It Okay to Be Honest?

Maybe.  Maybe not.   Depends.

If your cause and your goal is worthy, then it's okay to lie; that seems to be the way a lot of folks are reasoning these days.

You can even fib on your resume, if doing so gets you elected or the job you covet - is but another example of our present-day wayard thinking.

Yet another is:   you can advertise how successful you've been when you've mostly been mostly  unsuccessful, if it makes people believe that you really are a capable person.

And yes, perhaps most obvious:  We expect present-day advertisers to lie about their products, meaning that we okay the practice because we know we're being lied to; it's not like anything is being hid from us.

Years ago, we would sometimes hear it said that  "Honest;y is the best policy."

Truthfully, I  have suspected for some time that we Americans have never really believed honesty is best.  Otherwise, I think,  the saying would be more applicable today than it is.

For a good while, I've thought thatI  honesty must have gone out the window immediately after George Washington confessed  to having chopped cown that cherry tree.  Ever since, our presidential politics have principally been about  one liar after another.  With posibly one other exception , Abe of course, most of our presidents have been pretty quick on the lie.

So, let us ask ourselves, do we really want honesty anyone?

And let's not evade the question!  Let's be frank in our answer.

Personally, I'm against it, telling the truth that is.

Pastor Andy, Janury 18, 2023