Daily Devotion – 17 January 2023

Golly, not even three weeks gone, and I've already broken my key resolution for the New Year.  I haven't lost a pound of the 15 I pledged myself to take off.

I doubt seriously I am alone.  Procrastination often defines me and others.  And It's much more immediately satisfying to indulge oneself in the moment.

But I have kept my resolutions in the past, and some of them were important.  So, I am today refreshing my memory about how I did it.

#1 is not to pledge too much.  Make the resolution short and quickly attainable, like losing  three to five pounds within a couple of weeks.

#2 is to remind myself  strongly why I need to keep the resolution.  I will likely live longer, and better, when I do.  And I will be more pleased with myself.

#3 is the clincher:  Don't give up!  When you  backslide, judge yourself, forgive yourself, and return to keeping the resolution.

These steps have worked for me.  Maybe they will for you.


Pastor Andy, January 17, 2023