The Peculiar Nature of Joy in Trumpland

By Jon Swiftee II

They are devoted to the 2nd Amendment without reservation.  They relish their hatred for Roe vs. Wade almost as much as they thrill in their hatred of Barack Obama and in the remains of the utter disdain they once had for Hillary Clinton.

They thump their chests endlessly as evidence of their super patriotism, which they are certain is far superior to that of all other Americans.   They treasure when America was great, up to May 17,  1954, that infamous day when the White lights were turned off in the halls of justice across our land and prayer was banished from our schools, whenever that was.

Trumpers  enjoy it tremendously when the NY Times and the Washington Post squirm, especially when  their "Fake News" has been fully exposed.  And along the same lines, every time their man tells a lie and one foot of the Wall goes up, Trumpers jump with glee.  Such is their exhilaration in the sufferings of their enemies,

Indeed, such is the joy in Trumpland.  There's never before been anything like it in American history.  Correct that.  In World history.

Trump critics are pathetic in their jealousy.  For the pleasures they enjoyed in the past have disappeared, so overwhelmed are they by the extinguishing power of Trump Joy.

Sadly for the anti-Trumps, facts no longer matter, truth is no longer the goal, climate change has ceased to be of major concern and higher education has become the lowest common denominator for measuring  superior intelligence and creative maturation.

To make matters worse for these foes of this glad-oriented New Aryanism, black is no longer beautiful and brown, along with religious tolerance, has morphed into unseemly and unwanted.

It's sad, so very sad for the unblessed Anti-Trumpers. Something needs to be done.  But what?

"If you can't lick 'em, join 'em" may be the most appropriate new motto for those to whom Trump Joy has been blocked, or perhaps, "When in Rome, do as the Trumpers do."

Living by either motto would probably work.

But for how long?

Trumpers are never satisfied. Their quest for Joy is boundless, and there's no stopping it. What is fun today quickly becomes less so, demanding that some new self-glorification be found asap.  They must have something to hate, or somebody to be better than.