A tour of two downtowns, Refugio and Timpson, would not be too impressive these days, as our two recent photos show,  And that's the way it is  as once-thriving businesses have given way to the competition.  But don't be fooled. On Friday nights in the fall, both towns come alive.

Come Friday, the towns move to the suburbs, or more precisely, to their respective high school football stadium

This coming Thursday, 7 pm, the lights will get much brighter for both teams as they face one another in a state 2AD1 semi-final, in the CY-Fair Berry Center stadium.


So, come Thursday night, don't expect to see anyone roaming the streets of either Refugio or Timpson.  Everybody's gone to Cy-Fair. And would you believe?  The winner goes to Dallas for the state final; and in Texas, you can't get more uptown than that.