Sunday Morning with Andy 09/22/2019

Stop and Smell the Roses—Use Your Happiness Tools

We know human beings can be unhappy anytime any place, alone or in a crowd

Adam and Eve were blissfully happy only for a very short while, notifying the rest of us that life as we live it is never going to be one uninterrupted joy-party.

But something's different about today, namely the extent and the degree of unhappiness.

Technology has captured us and we are in danger of becoming its slaves.  Our cities are too crowded and too impersonal.  Our small towns are stuck in the mud of past glories that likely will never return.

Behind us - gone with the wind -  is much that gave meaning in the past.  No one under 40 writes personal notes anymore.  I'm sure fewer Christmas cards are exchanged.  And today, our fences are for security and to block out the "unwanted" and  every "presumed danger" that lies beyond, not for doing what Robert Frost said good fences do:  "make good neighbors."

Despite medical and scientific advances that have added awesome conveniences for us moderns,  too many among us are floundering, too many are angry 24/7, too many have too little self- respect and too much dissatisfaction with their life places.

I'd love to spend some quality time with each person who is so miserable a cloud of gloom follows them everywhere they go.  I'd ask what gives them meaning?  I'd inquire about what it is that would make them happy?  Money?  Intimacy? Someone to care for?  Something to do that is really fun?  Or just seeing that which is  beautiful  or maybe, just plain interesting.

I can't speak for everyone.  But I love life.  I can't remember a time when I was bored for very long.  Yes, I've had some bad times, but none that thrust me into prolonged despondency; I think because I always believed things would get better.  And they have.

For me the answer to impending unhappiness is doing that which I most enjoy and in which I find the most meaning;  like sharing my most upbeat thoughts, talking about core values, following my special sports interests, visiting with my wife, touching base with my children and close friends on a regular basis and, yes, engaging in spiritual matters as often and as "in depth" as possible.

If you're unhappy this day, don't wait.   Don't simply mimic me or someone else. (Unless our happiness tools please you too).  Just be happy today—your way!  A suggestion:  Do at least three things that you know will bring you personal satisfaction.

You'll be glad you did.