Clued, Glued or Just Plain Crude

We humans constantly amaze ourselves. We can get glued on to a clue, and be clueless even when glued to a tube.

There's nothing quite like watching our president state a bold truth, then raise his head and eyebrows in anticipation of his audience responding with glee, even when he has just shouted "Fake!"

Fake is Truth you know.

Sometimes, of course, our White Man in the White House gets surprised. Expecting applause, he receives twitterings of reaction. Now, as puzzled as Donald Duck has ever been, the president grows passive and unable to tweet intelligently—he quacks and quacks.

Most of us have never seen such before, not even in images of Winston Churchill delivering one of his most powerful speeches.

Then there's Professor Chuck Shumer, aka the senior Senator from New York. So serious. So out of touch. Unlike the president, Schumer speaks only to himself, not to an audience. Loving the wisdom he has imparted to himself, he does not hear or see how uninterested is the rest of the humankind, not to mention we who are the American voters.

It's debatable. Which man loves himself the most? Trump or Schumer?

The best things about our modern reporting on all this are the "lovely," "cute," " talented and handsome" gals and guys giving us the breaking news hour after hour, which, indeed, is always, always broken. Let's be honest: Wolf Blitzer should not be sharing the screen with these youngsters.

Don't you love the way the young reporters banter with one another, in between their ''expert' exposures based on a least six months of professional experience? It's so nice to see that they want us to believe they actually like one another, even though we know they're spending every one of their waking hours trying to figure out how they can beat the others to the TV top positions.

Sometimes, one of the young women will show us a leg, Fox loves this, reminding us that Roe vs. Wade is not really about life and death.

As best I can tell, in response we, the followers of the national news, we have three options:

No. 1, we can strenuously apply every bit of our intellect and emotion toward what really are the most important of the heavily biased media messages, be clued in, or

No. 1, we can, regardless of what we take in, refuse to give in to any serious challenges to our personal ideologies, be glued forever to those opinions, or

No. 3, we can throw up our arms in despair and declare that the Whole of the Media Has Gone Crude.

You know which one I choose.