Why Wait? Let’s Jump to the Semifinals in 2A1/2

by Longhorn Putt

September 18, 2022 - As district competition begins in earnest, let’s take a look at who are the chief title competitors in 2AD1 and 2A2.

See the source imageIn Region I of 2A1. Stamford and Hawley appear to have the inside track.  In Region II, Crawford and San Saba.  Timpson clearly heads the pack in Region III; and Refugio and Shiner will likely be fighting each other for the Region IV semi-final berth.

2AD2 is more difficult to figure. But perennial contender Wellington has a great shot at winning the semi-final berth out of Region I.  In Region II, Wink and Albany should  battle it out to advance.  In Region III, either Lovelady or Mart will make the semi-final.  And in Region IV, advancing will be between Bremond and  Burton.

Of course, there will be surprises.  There will be injuries, unexpected penalties. But the possibilities outlined above are the way I see the competition developing in 2022.  What fun!