Putt Pate’s All-Time Refugio HS Football Team

This is personal and, therefore, biased.  I have leaned toward players of my era, 1940-1950s, but do not apologize. The players of that era were the greatest.

Captain: Algie Lewis, who played only for the Barefield Tigers

Running Back:   Jack Sportsman, Willie Mack Garza, James Thomas Lott

Quarterback   Bobby McBride, Travis Quintanilla

Tight End Bill Anderson

Tackles:  Wayne Gumm, Jason Youngblood,  David McKinney, Darryl Mahan, Gale Olivier

Wide Receiver:  Serafin Vela, no one else can compare

Center:  Ray Anderson

Guards:  Dailey Brown, Don Davis

Punter:  Bobby McBride, Kicker: Eugene ‘Bull” Lewis

Add to the above these defensive standouts:

Cornerbacks:  James K. Lott, Jordan Kelley

Linebackers:  Teddy Gray, Charles Newton “’Nut” Williams, Ronnie “Hitter” Gipson

Linesman:  Louis Young

Defensive End:  Diego Perales