Trump Bumps, Deep in the Heart of Texas

No, we're not referring to Beto O'Rourke's spirited challenge to unseat Senator Ted Cruz. And No, we're not referring to precincts of possible Trump decline in the Lone Star State.

But Yes, we are referring to the conflicts between Trump thought and deeds and the historic values  and deeds for which Texas and Texans are noted, like:  individual freedom, fighting for the rights of the little guy, being as good as your word, and in the end, putting the welfare of the nation above all personal concerns and ill-gotten gains.

Trump would have everybody think like he thinks and accept as true everything he says.  How unTexan!

The boisterous Texan is well-known and widely ballyhooed around the world. but in-the-Texas house, it's the Strong, Silent type who represents the ideal.  And his counterpart is the lovely lady partner who operates effortlessly with class and dignity.

What about the little guy or little gal in Trump's mind? the one who, through no self-fault,  is physically or economically challenged and genuinely helpless.

To put down that guy or that gal is far from the way traditional Texans have always taken up for the underdog.

In his typical brashy Queeens New York fashion,  Trump demeans any and everybody who does not, or simply will not bow down to his presence and authority.

And who or what exactly is #1 in Trump's mind? Anybody even slightly tuned in to politics over he past two years knows the answer to that one.


Trump is to Trump the only person or thing that really matters, with token asides to his children.

How much beyond its electoral votes, comes this compelling question, does Trump really care about Texas? Is there any hint in his historical awareness that he knows a solitary thing about Sam Houston and why Sam Houston opposed secession? or how many Texans have put their lives on the line in defense of the United States of America?

Lastly,  the biggest "bump" of them all beteeen Trump Doing and True Texan Doing is the absence of credible evidence that Trump knows anything at all about what truth is.  And in support, there is an observable twin "bump":   he's as quick as a jackrabbit in his ability to take back any pledge he has made whenever that pledge no longer serves his purposes.

For the several "bumps" named here, there are many others.

But sadly, today's Texans are not as well educated in their state's history as one might wish. They tend to believe that whatever is in vogue with their friends is Texan, when, in fact, a true Texan is highly independent, and extremely uneasy about going with the crowd.

Too, Donald Trump has an obvious obsession with controlling whatever he wishes to control.  He's acts and talks like the Bully he is.

To a true Texan, such an attitude, such a demeanor as is Trump's is intolerable in all of its crude and narcisstic forms.