What is the State of Our Country?

We live in challenging times. For reasons that are becoming increasingly unclear.

Every day it gets a mite harder to tell the good guys from the bad guys, and which of the party affiliated can outdo the other in political corruption, the Democrats or the Republicans?

Every hour, "breaking" news is blared at us over the airways, not just once but again and again, throughout the day and night. Often, it's the same news repeatedly breaking itself.

Not surprisingly, the pollsters are having a field day. One minute, the gap between candidates is narrowing; the next minute, it's widening; then, of course, the race is deadlocked. The excitement of the vacillations is driving us crazy.

Most voters will agree, however, on one thing: the president is most puzzling of all.

He brags about being a fighter, that he never accepts defeat. In the same breath, he whimpers about how unfairly he is treated by the press. He respects women, he tells us. Then, we see Melania trailing him, like an obedient, well-disciplined pet.

The president vigorously defends his nominees and appointees until...until they disagree with him.

The Press and other media representatives are almost as bad. They claim some reason for their expertise as commentators when many have just begun their advisory roles or have something like a maximum of six months experience in their opinion-making jobs.

Before placing Pinocchio's on Trump's face, the media would be more believable if they also told us whether they have ever made any serious errors in judgment or reporting, and whether they have ever plagiarized, going back to junior high.

Maybe it has always been this way in American politics, that all our congressmen are as two-faced as Judas and Jezebel ever were. Those once against Trump are now zealously for him. Those who were staunchly for Hillary are now running fervently, for the presidency in 2020, separating themselves from the former First Lady as far as they can.

However long it's been this way, it's no fun in the present.

Should we call it madness, our current political scene?

But madness seems inadequate. Maybe to call it "Chaos" is better, more on the point.

Our president is desperate to avoid failure. His opponents, equally desperate to make sure that he goes down in the utter humiliation they think he deserves.

In the meantime, America is losing.

THAT is chaos!