In 28 months the Trump administration has  achieved multiple accomplishments, too many to number or describe adequately in a short essay.

Briefly summed up, these accomplishments have been economic, cultural and international in scope.  As a result, some people, businesses and institutions are making a whole lot of money, the United States has an altered relationship with virtually every other country in the world, and those who elected Donald J. Trump are glowing in their good judgment.

There are a few problems, however, some of which are of a major nature.

The Me-Too movement is scaring the daylights out of every male over age 35.  The Mueller investigation has apparently gotten out of the hands of Congress and the Executive Office.   And approaching the November 6th 2018 mid-term elections, the possibility that the Democrats will regain control of the House of Representatives continues to strike fear in the hearts of every Trump-loving American, including the president, who loves himself more than anyone else.

Have you noticed, though, how loyal and patriotic the Trumpites are?



Many have even adopted a slogan from a movement they once despised:  "We shall overcome!"

And overcome they will, in one way or another.

Perhaps the most impressive Trumpite drive is among the White Supremacists, who are making a gallant effort to take over the Republican party (as though they need to) by the time the 2019 presidential campaign gets underway.

A close "second" in Trump loyalty are the Climate Deniers, who are reveling in the aftermath of Hurricanes Florence and Michael.  What better proof do you need that the weather changes itself? And as the president might say so eloquently, "The weather is very, very uncertain.   But it will change, that we know!"?

This observer is left in a quandary.  Should Trump and his followers be forced to continue to live under such undeserved stress?

This observer suspects, too, that he's not the only American  voter to be so perplexed.