Why Are College Professors So Dumb?

They—college professors and the like—they know very, very little about the real Truth, even though they think they pretty much know it all.   For they have been too long protected from the realities of everyday life, leaving them without a slithering of common sense, that practical ability possessed by those persons who daily walk with insights and know how.

To the average person existing outside the Ivy Tower, real life demands community unity with respect to most major issues and a comparable unity in opposition to strangers unfamiliar with local history and the particular values adhered to by local citizens.   In other words, if you don’t know the community, the smaller community in particular, you are dumb.

Donald J. Trump is not dumb.  He knows what most people accept: that their particular environment is better than most others and, of course, demands preservation. He understands why most Americans, especially from the rural areas, don’t trust higher education.  Trump is, as he claims to be, “a stable genius.”

Thus, in 2016, it should have been no surprise to anyone that Trump was elected to the presidency.  Unfortunately, he was overly exposed to ignorant Ivy Tower types for four years and he lost in 2020.

But there is hope.  In recent weeks and months DJT has made numerous rather “smart” statements, like when he was discussing with reporters the Robert Mueller investigation. And more than once, Trump struggled to use the word "origins" and demanded an investigation of the "oranges" of Mueller's probe.

As everybody knows: “Oranges” have “origins,” which is what Trump was saying. Brilliant!

If, between now and the 2024 elections, Trump can show his brilliance enough, he will likely win a second presidential term.

Meanwhile, we must try to help our professors get smart, toward which goal I suggest four major thrusts:

First, the professors should cease teaching “the classics,” the literature they have for too long considered the best ever.

Second, they must begin to make serious reference to climate constancy, amending their disasterous obsession with climate change.

Thirdly, they must disconnect themselves from the liberals, progressives and communists who are so terribly destructive in the news media.

Lastly, they must take definitive steps toward becoming more like their non-professorial brothers and sisters.  It should not be necessary that they burn their academic diplomas; but at the very least, they should learn to do one or two useful chores, like how to fix the plumbing and how to place dirty dishes in and out of a dish washer.

I realize, of course, that many Americans once thought they wanted to be dumb like college professors.  But that was before Trump convinced them otherwise.

Andrew L. Pate, Jr.