“Trans” Questions That Have Yet to Be Answered


By Andrew L. Pate, Jr., ThD

A major societal development in the U.S. and, for that matter, around the world has been the increase in persons wanting to change (“trans”) their birth gender.

Evidently, the number of persons transitioning has been significant.  We’re reading more about them.  We have been compelled to consider them, whether we have wanted to or not.

Personally, I believe “trans” has happened much too quickly, meaning that very important questions have not been taken seriously.  Let me suggest three I consider basic:

#1 Should the transitioned male (to female) be allowed to compete athletically in women’s sports?

#2 What is the impact of transitioning upon the historic understanding of marriage as between a man and a woman?  And

#3 How well have the persons undergoing transitioning adjusted to their “new” sexual identity?

Obviously, it will take time to give accurate information in answering these questions.  My position is that up to this point, we have not considered them seriously enough. Following our desire to respect others, we have often supported the transitions without any real understanding of what they mean.

I, of course, cannot claim to know where the “transitioning” movement is headed.  But I am of the opinion that there are many aspects to it that those undergoing it, as well as those supporting it, we will eventually discard.

Male and female, God created them.  That’s basic to life!


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