Daily Devotion – 15 March


It is in us, to a greater or lesser degree, but without exception:

JEALOUSY, which I shall define here as having envy for the talents, wealth, and greater renown of others.

Consciously or not, we feel and think our jealousies when we wish for what others have that we do not have.  And for most of us, those jealousies are abundant and have been around for a long while.

A key to not being permanetnly crippled by our jealousies is, I think, to be glad for the successes of others.  How blessed they've been to be able to do as well as they have.

And doing that is not hard.  We simply say to ourselves, I am going to appreciate all the good things others have done.

Use your talents this day!  It's a wonderful thing to do.

Pastor Andy


Prayer, Fernando F. "Fanny" Cantu

Father in Heaven, we thank You for not going back on Your word to us, but for fulfilling every promise. Forgive us for those times when we have broken our own promises to You and to others, and strengthen us to be people of integrity. We pray with thanksgiving in the name of Jesus, our merciful Savior and Lord. Amen