Texas/World – 20 April ’20

2020 Watch: Why is Trump going to war with governors?

By Steve Peoples - AP National Political Writer

Lockdown tensions grow as people seek to resume work or play

WASHINGTON (AP) — The coronavirus is touching all levels of society and increasing tensions as governments start to ease restrictions that health experts warn should be done gradually to avoid a resurgence of the illness that has killed more than 165,000 people.

The mounting pressure was evident in the United States. The Trump administration says parts of the nation are ready to begin a gradual return to normalcy. Yet some state leaders say woefully inadequate federal action, like a lack of testing supplies, is hindering their response to the illness.

After insisting the country’s virus testing system was without fault, President Donald Trump said Sunday evening he would be using the Defense Production Act to compel increased manufacturing of testing swabs. He also remained defensive, however, vowing that there were enough swabs to go around. “Swabs are easy,” the president said, bringing one to his news briefing and waving it in front of reporters.

One Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer was killed and another was wounded, officials said.

By Dan Bilefsky and Johnny Diaz

MONTREAL — A gunman killed at least 16 people in a shooting rampage in a rural community in Nova Scotia, Canada’s national broadcaster said late Sunday, in what was among the country’s worst mass killings in recent memory.

The police said the killing spree, which began in the town of Portapique on Saturday night, ended about 12 hours later at a gas station about 22 miles away in Enfield, north of Halifax, where the gunman died. The police would not elaborate on how he died, though witnesses told local news outlets that they heard gunfire leading up to his death.