Resignation Cousins Who Never Kiss

“To resign myself” usually means you have accepted your situation, no matter how bleak. To say “I resign’ usually means you quit, voluntarily.
The time has come for Donald J Trump to act in the second manner. For in his 19-month presidency, he has already done more damage to our country than any human being ought ever to have the freedom to do.
The time has come, too, for responsible Americans NOT to continue their passive posture of resignation. We have tolerated Trump for far too long. Every day of his tenure has amplified the divisiveness that has made us into such a badly crippled nation.
Instead of cleaning out “the swamp,” as promised, Donald J. Trump has cemented the swamp’s rot in Washington DC while disastrously enabling that rot to be spread like asphalt over our entire continent and beyond.
Trump will not resign on his own. Everything about him tells us that he is totally incapable of facing the Horrendous Mess he has played a major role in creating.
So, let us join in a national chorus, “Mr. President, for your own good and the good of our country, resign! Now!”
But let us also admit as we sing, Donald J Trump alone did not create our absurdly dysfunctional state. He is its major symptom. And we the people are complicit.
So, it is now the case: Trump must be taught how wonderful it would be if he were to just declare point blank: “I’ve had enough. I’m out of here.”
Were Trump to make that simple two-fold statement, or use his own words, like I fire me, there’s little doubt but that he would instantly become a national hero, widely regarded across the continent as a true Patriot, one, who, in a time of severe national crisis, gave himself up for the good of his country.
Nathan Hale would be proud.
Of course, and unlike Hale’s fate, Trump’s hanging would not follow, however much his critics may wish it.
No, Trump’s singular resignation would be taken as the act of a man who finally conquered his ego.
What a deeply personally satisfying moment, such a resignation would have to be for Trump and the rest of us. No longer would he be forced to play the Fool while coddling his morally-inept followers. He’d be freed from all that, free to be just a plain Don.
Imagine how wondrous the response:
Our gutless Republicans would be reinvigoratred.
Our clueless Democrats would be readmitted to the inner chambers.
Catholics would be reenabled to concentrate on Reform. And…
Protestants, unleased to shout their Gospel’s hymn: “Free at last. Thank God, Almighty! Free at last!”
Is such a resignation possible?
Is such a non-resignation possible?
No—Never! —if we rely on Trump and our present Congress.
Yes—Maybe? — if we the people proclaim our plea as loudly as we can and for as long as needed.
Wait not another minute, Mr. President! Call it quits now! Before you fall into total disgrace.
For Baron’s sake, if for none other.