Republicans embrace Russian interference

The Ending of American Democracy

by Andrew Lidden Pate

A haunting question Americans have been asking themselves for about three years has now been answered with finality.

The question:  Why haven't U.S. Republicans and the president forthrightly rejected Russian interference in the 2016 election, or for that matter, in any U.S. election?

The answer:  They want it, they need it. Russian interference got them into power; and they are fully aware of the fact they will not hold their lofty position without that interference.

Opponents of this Republican-Russian Anti-Democracy revolution have for two plus years held to their great hope that Robert Mueller would somehow, miracle of miracle, set the record straight and reverse the downward fall of democracy in the United States.

But clearly, in his Congressional non-testimony of July 24, 2019, Mueller proved that dream to be illusory. Opposition to the Russian interference and fair justice in its regard just ain't gonna happen!

As a result, the five major thrusts of this Republican-assisted, Russian slaying of American democracy can today be readily identified:

No 1 - The Exploitation of Diversity and Ascendancy of White Supremacy..   The anti-Democracy movement has successfully exploited the differences among Americans—their mutual respect for differing opinions, for example  and their long-held pride in freedom of speech —placing them in grievous conflict with one another, in order to make irrelevant the voices of equality and racial justice.

No. 2 - The Silencing of the Free Press Opposition to anti-Democracy is not tolerated.  Simply put:  Free press news is Fake news, to be drowned out whenever it is promoted, and never to be taken seriously.

No. 3 -  A Narrow-minded, Intolerant Christianity Has Replaced the All-inclusive Christian Faith that, until recently, occupied the very heart of American religion.

No. 4 - Thought Control Has Acquired Preeminence over Scholarship and Scientific Reliability.  In other words, Climate Change is not to be taken seriously, nor are any pro-Democracy mutterings that might continue to rise from the Ivy towers.

Then, lastly:

No. 5 - The Absolutizing of Totalitarianism.  This new anti-Democratic form of Absolutism in American politics  is more than the singling out of one person to worship, though it is that.  It is the idolizing of absolute power, and the total silencing of dissent.

Thought-control and the usage of violence are Totalitarianism's primary tools of enforcement.  The former is currently in full force, the latter, legal (military, police) violence, is yet to come, but surely it will.  For it has been the Way of every dictator who has ever lived.  And DJT is preparing to use it.  Make no mistake.