Pastor’s Corner: Back to Square One

Or, "Let's get back to the basics!"

Such advice, by one's self or by others, is often stated when we human's have reached a totally confusing point in our lives and simply do not know what to do.  And it's good advice.

But we Americans are having a great deal of difficulty following it in the early years of the third decade of the 21st century.   So great is our difficulty we rightly can refer to it as paralysis.  The "can-do" nation can no longer do.  Why?

For one, many among us are in denial:  We believe our positions (our answers) are the only correct ones and all those who disagree are in the wrong.  It is they who must change.  The consequence?

We get nothing done, nothing that really solves the underlying issues.

What are we to do?  Well, let's try the advice of the ages:

#1 - Let's return to our spiritual foundation,  to regular attendance and faithful support of the church, synagogue, mosque et all.  If we are unable to do that, it says here:  we will cease to be a nation that leads the world along a proper path.

#2 - Let's give the strongest support we can to  sound education by backing our school officials, and  by reading and heeding our leading scholars in every field; and

#3 - Let's live in service to humankind.  What's wrong with choosing a vocation that makes life better for others?  Absolutely nothing.  But we have for too long been asking first, "What's in it for me?  How much money can I make?  Will I be able to drive the right kind of car in a visible demonstration of my successes?"

And there are other basics to which we have the ability to return, like saying simple thank yous to others for their good deeds, like helping an older person across a crowded street or teaching a child how to play a fun game.

What would you add?   Tell us.  But above all:  live your life fully and be glad about it.


Pastor Andy, 07/06/22

College Station TX

message: 979/204-7313