A Pastor’s Corner: Answer to Mass Killings

Pastor Pate

I have no magic answers, only real ones - real solutions to humanity's errors that have been around for centuries, but which far too many of us moderns have  too easily laid aside, or entirely forgotten.

I have often said we need to cease giving mass killers what they want, which is to publicize highly the tragedies they have caused.  But I am a realist.  Such tragedies become obsessions to the public media, and that will continue to be the case no matter what I or others say.  We humans make a habit of prizing  bad news more than we do the good.

So, my desire is to restate our answers plainly and simply, of which I perceive these three as basic:

1 - Regular attendance in church and strong support for the excellent trustworthy pastors who are still very much around;

2 - Immersion in doing good for others.  Why not, for example,  be a responsible scout master or Sunday  School teacher who can be trusted  by children and parents?

3 - Be constant in the pursuit of Truth and Justice.  Why?  It's the American way.  It's the Biblical way.  There is no other way that really works for families and individuals.  ( Just talking about prayer in public schools and  being mad at people who are smarter, neither is worth our time and energy.)

So it is:  My message here is:  keep it simple.  How to  be a good person, a good parent, a good worker is not difficult to understqnd.  You know how.! Just be that person!  Our children will be thankful, and so will those of the future.

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