It’s a good thing I don’t have any Top Secret materials in my possession; at  least, I don’t think I have any.

But who knows?  I was in DC twice, walked around the Pentagon once, and sure enough, someone, anyone, could have stolen Top Secrets I didn't know I had, from my suitcase back in my son's apartment.

Honesly, if  such a happening did occur, I never knew; so I agree today with both Biden and Trump:  Top Secrets are a great mystery to me.

Too, I am compelled to ask, W hat better place  to hide Top Secrets than where they are not supposed to be?

My common sense tells me further that  I shouldn't worry one whit about where the Top Secrets are.  After all, they're supposed to be hidden from anyone not authorized to have them.  And I'm certainly not one of the "authorized."

Sound ridiculous?

Of course it does.  But my accounting of a mystery is typical of all our accountings:  we have little or no idea about what the real Truth is.   We first were told Top Secrets were discovered.  Then we were told more of the same were discovered.  It's an endless, time-consuming quest, I think, both to discover what the Top Secrets  are, then to ponder why have all our efforts been  "much ado about nothing"?

I don't even know for sure what  U. S. Top Secret documents are.  I presume they are pieces of paper on which have been  placed data about how  we deal with other countries,  and also with opposiing polticicians.

But, as little as we know about Top Secrets,  they are probably here  to stay.  After all, they are newsmakers, even  though we're never told exacty why.

So it is.  We keep on listening.  We continue to tune in.

After all, there's nothing more fascinating than to  be in quest of something only a few people know.

What about those starving, frightened children in Ukraine?

Are they to be kept secret as well?

Pastor Andy, Jan 14, 2023, College Station