Daily Devotion – 13 January 2023

There is great value in living simply, not having to strive always for more of this world's goods.

Ministers have to do that, you say.  They're not supposed to crave for more.

Not so.  There are ministers, just like there are others in all vocations, who are trapped in the desire to acquire possessions and wealth.   We read about them daily, like aboaut the one who owns a beautiful ship he sails around the city where he makes his living.

Still, it almost goes without saying that Christ would not have ministers or anyone do without the things they need to live and work in a faithful manner.

To me, living simply means just that: to live faithfully, accepting gladly the responsibilities and the challenges of where God has placed us.

But it must be added:  Without love in our hearts and lives, we are not living the simple life of faith.  For we are without that one thing that makes everything worthwhile.

alp, College Station