Daily Devotional – 12 January 2023

One of the best ways I've found to deal with boredom is to try and find a good movie  to view at the cinema or at home, on the Telly or by streaming.

The secret in the escape is, I believe,that a good movie tells a good story to which we viewers can relate.

Which brings me to my my point for today:  our stories count!  Yours and mine, plus everybody else's, most especially if great worth are those stories that motivate us to live better lives.

"To Kill a Mockingbord" is  a prime example of what I'm talking about.  Even persons who continue to be radical racists can identiy with the plot.  Why?  It's a story about them, that is,  about us --about our struggles to live with the horrific and  lasting abuses of slavery.

And we are still trying to give our story a solid, creative ending

Are we going to return to the tolertion of racism?  Or, are we going to do everything we can to rid our history of it?

That's where we are in our colllective story.  Are you with Atticus or not?

I am.  I want us all to have a better life.

Pastor Andy

Fernando F. Cantu

Almighty and most merciful God, may we always encourage others, whether in big things or small. Help us to do it humbly and with joy, seeking always the good of others . Thank You for the good works You will send our way...