Making Sense out of Chaos

by A. Lidden Pate, Jr.

Nothing is quite as disturbing as being unsure within your own self. This can also be the case for groups of people who are without direction, like a nation. It’s a confusing circumstance, which, if prolonged, can only worsen into chaos.

As is the case with the United States of America as 2018 ends and 2019 begins: Chaotic under president Donald J. Trump.

Other than 1861, has there ever been a more pervasive spread of chaos throughout our country? None that we can recall. One by one senior staff have either been fired or voluntarily resigned over disagreement with Mr. Trump. And it has been even worse for the president’s campaign allies, several of whom have been exposed as liars and possibly traitors to the nation they have pretended to serve. Deeply disturbing in the White House is the fact that the president has isolated himself now with advisers who are as weak-minded as he.

Perhaps when the Mueller investigation reports its closing findings the insanity will lessen into some kind of broad understanding among our politicians and, indeed, among us, the people?

But if we’ve learned anything in the first two years of this strange man’s presidency it is that we cannot trust our politicians to come to any kind of commonality. Thus far, they’ve only enabled the president’s childish, narcissistic attempts to run a government, the how of which he does not have even a 4th graders knowledge.

No, it’s up to us, the people, to restore sanity to our once-great country. We must vote. We must demand that our voices be heard. And most importantly, whom we vote for and what we say must be the best that our collective minds can provide.

This means, I firmly believe, that we the people must have confidence in ourselves over and above our doubts and uncertainties, confidence that we know what has made America great and that we wish forever to live by the values inherent in our government and way of life.

We believe in justice.

We believe in order.

We believe in forming alliances with the like-minded wherever and whenever they wish to be our friends.

We believe that we have a special destiny, to bring peace and prosperity to ourselves and extend those precious objectives throughout the world.

Donald J. Trump does not understand any of this. But we do.


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