How Best to Make Our Votes Count?

By Andrew L. Pate, Jr.

In politics, as in life, we often have to choose between imperfect candidates and their platforms.  And most voters recognize this and see their choices as more complex than simple.

I am an Independent who votes for the candidates he thinks best represent his values, which are really-and-truly mainline American as well as mainline Christian.   I value personal integrity, experience, and knowledge of the U.S,.constitution in persons for whom I vote.

With these and similar values uppermost in mind, I invite the reader to consider the following questions I am asking about five or six of our best-known politicians:

Which do you think has the best personal Integrity? __________________

Which has the most valuable experience? __________________________

Which knows best the U.S. constitution?___________________________

With which would you most like to be friends? ______________________

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