Excellence in Leadership, Qualities in Civil Upheaval

Radical change in voter leadership expectations has ignited a "values" civil war among American Voters

By Andrew L Pate

Abraham Lincoln has etched his name forever in American history for his integrity, his oratorical skills and his compelling vision of a unified nation.

By contrast, it is no overstatement to say that honesty is not considered a sterling trait of the current president, Donald J. Trump, nor are his modest speaking skills and anti-global visioning thought by many Americans to be of lasting worth.

Nonetheless, the voters who elected Trump think he is the best man for the job in 2019 and beyond.

For these Trump supporters, the old American leadership expectations are outdated.  For them, those Lincolnish value-based expectations no longer possess the import they have historically carried since our nation's birth.  Other, practical power-traits are needed, so the Trumpers believe, if a president is to be a strong leader in the present day.  (See our contrasting lists to the right).

Consequently, we are at war in our politics. On the one side, we have the traditionalists; Trump and his like on the other.  And it doesn't appear that this war is going to be ended anytime soon, and almost certainly not in the November 2020 election, which is rapidly building itself to be a major battleground in the war's progression.  It will continue thereafter.

The basic divisive issues run deep and wide; and which side ultimately wins will have lasting, if not permanent historical consequences.

Which side are we on?  Each of us must choose which path we believe will preserve our democracy.

Joshua-like,  for me and my house, we are unreservedly for the Lincoln way and pray earnestly that there will be little or no blood-shed until Peace is restored among us.



Traditional American Leadership Expectations

Personal Integrity

Political Experience


Oratorical Skills


National and World Unifier

Passionate Defender of Democracy

Actual Trumpian Leadership Traits

Mob tactics


Reactive politics

Cozyiness to Dictators


Plain Talk, with profanity

Male Dominance