Margaret Houlihan

Indeed, how time does fly.  On this day, February 28, 1983, the final episode of Mash was broadcast.

For the younger folks, especially those who may never have watched Mash, the series was anacronym  for Mobile Army Sugical Hospital.  The TV feature debuted in 1970.

Mash iis usally classified as a "comedy" or "dark comedy" or, as  I   prefer, "a dramedy."  The series won eight Golden Globes and starred Allen Alda, Margaret Houlihan, Matthew Q. Klinger,  Gary Burghoff,  Michal Farrell , with others.

There were usually a lot of laughs in the 30 minute episodes, but yet, Mash had to be taken seriously as being about war's tragedies and heartaches.
For those who've never been in a real war m,e included, it's difficult to imagine how we individually would respond.  I'm not at all sure I'd ever be able to laugh; but Mash told us is's possible.
Which brings up a major reason we must avoid wars every way we can;  they are not happy times!   And for life to be truly meaningful, we must be able to smile, laugh and feel good about being alive.
Without war, we can do all the good things.

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