Note: Date of SCOTUS decision changed to 1922, the correct year.


On this day, February 27, in 1922, the US Supreme Court unanimously uphheld the 19th amendment to the US Constitution- women's right to vote

Thank you, SCOTUS, on behalf of all the women voters in the U.S.

What took us so long?

Well, we don't really like change; we prefer things to remain simple, meaning, pretty much the way they've always been.

But we still debate who can vote.  Now the debate seems mostly centered around residential elibility, and also, around age, color and political affiliation or lack thereof.

Vote!  Everybody vote!   I consider it a basic right, as important as the right to attend ( or not) church when I desire.

All the while, life expects us to tolerate the fact that others will vote in another way.

Vote!  Respect!  Pray for the day when we will all be grateful!

Pastor Andy