Daily Devotion – 15 January 2023

The "Holy" Controversy

I am uncomfortable when I  address political issues. For doing so often creates unrest in  the intended recipients and between them and me.

Don't talk about politics! Such has become  the central piece of pastoral advice church members give their ministers. ..around the world

You're making us mad.  You're violating our agreement.  You're not serving Christ very well, in fact, not well at all.  Ya gotta go!

How sad!  The political arena is probably the one area where our most critical issues are being fought over and decided.

But the advice comes swiftly to persons of my persuasion, don't talk about it, meaning don't even try to apply the Christ ethic to the really hot issues!

To agree with that is, for me, to deny the Christ whose teachings apply to every aspect of life itself.

I can be wrong in my application, of course.  And God help me when I am!

But that's the risk I must take.  My Lord and My Carol would want me to.

Reason enough.

Matthew 10:14 And if anyone will not welcome your or heed yur works, shake the dust off your feet when your leave that home or town. 15Truly I tell you,it will be more bearable for Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment than for that town.…