Chief Crazy Horse: Need more Red skin in Swamp-o


Too Many Foreigners in Swampo Territory

By Chief Crazy Horse

Mar-a-Swampo, South Florida —You, hypocrito.  Me. Crazy Horse.  Me think you no savvy.  Swampo need to be solo, free to hunt for wampum with new AK 7.

Me on Tom Tom day and night, sending smoke signals to all tribes in and outside Swampo.

Single Tom Tom to Chief Standing Bull of Republico tribe, say, "Cease motor mouth.  Stay put. No matter what."

Many moons ago, Crazy Horse sign treaty with Brown locos.  No workie any longer.  More locos enter Swampo than Swampo can provide Typees for.   Must send home.

If loco Anglos do not cease complaints, me go to war.  Will enlist Standing Bull, Russianowski and Long Dong Kim from far-off friendly nations to help Crazy Horse run locos away.

No takie back.  This for real.

Me invite loco chiefs to smoke peace pipe at Big Pow Wow in Swampo on Thanksgiving day.

Tom Tom response by sundown, or else, no sunrise for you tomorrow.