As Democracy Weeps, Who Will Step Up?

Martin Luther King Jr.

Joan of Arc

Abraham Lincoln

Anne Frank

Winston Churchill

Sam Houston

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

We the People Cry Out for a Dynamic, Passion-Driven Leader

Reason and logic are cornerstones of our democracy, but the heart of our precious liberty lies in the power of its passion.

Without bold, powerful leadership democracy wanes and its very existence  is threatened by those who seek to darken its light, dampen its spirit and defeat its unending quest for freedom among the humankind.

To date, no dynamic, courageous leader has stepped forward to answer our call.  Not Pelosi. Not Nadler. No congressperson.   Not any of the billionaires seeking the limelight, and not any of the current crop of presidential candidates.  All our known want-a-be leaders are but plastic straws currently being blown away by the winds of 2019.

So, what are we to do?

Shout!  Weep!  Cry out!  All the more.  Until our call is answered.

Step up, young man, young woman, confident leader of any age with his or her whole being filled with the wisdom of Democracy, and lead us! Please.  We beg you.

No.  We plead tearfully that you respond!  America, the world needs you as never before.

How do we know?   Our minds tell us.  More importantly, our hearts confirm our desperation.  We need you to heed the call, hear it in your every bone, as you allow our summons to pulsate and energize your whole being—your mind, your body, your very soul.

The United States of America has been blindsided, even though it should not have been. We should have seen it coming.  The unacceptable stagnation, the ever-expanding chasms that were growing between us, the unconscionable distribution of wealth to but a few, the attacks upon established and, in particular,  scientific truth—the signs were there and we should have heeded them.

But we did not.  And consequently, the very future of our democracy is at stake.  We have a totally incompetent man in the White House attempting to captain with a crew of like-minded fools.  He and they must go!  And neither the courts nor the Senate nor the House can do that for us.  We the people must do the extraction.

But a leader must also arise among us to guide us to the fulfillment of our solitary goal.  Otherwise we will flounder, and fail.

Andrew Lidden Pate