What Are We Learning from Trump and His Troubles?

Andrew Pate

A first lesson many boys and girls learn early on is that bad behavior can lead to its discovery and punishment.  Therefore, one says, “Wow! I’ll never do that again!"

But that’s not always the case, as we know.  Normal human beings “break the rules” from time to time, and quite often get away with it; and even when caught and judged accordingly, they may again break the rule, and again and again, ad infinitum.

A very wise person whose book I once read (yes, there was a time when growing boys and girls actually read books), that person said, “Some people never learn.”

I here and now declare irrevocably, “I agree!” People who are prone to trifle with the rules quite frequently repeat their trifling.

Therefore, regarding- Donald J. Trump, about whom headlines state today (3/18/23) “he will be arrested on Tuesday.”

For what?  For having paid an adult porno star to remain silent about their affair during the election of 2016, the result of which saw Trump win the presidency.

I strongly believe that should Trump be indicted and should any more women with whom he once had trysts come forward, he will pay again to keep them silent, if he does, indeed, run again for the presidency as expected.

The presidency means everything to Donald Trump.

I know, I know.  It’s very difficult for ordinary folks, like you and me, to believe even that, that our highest paid public official could ever think it worthwhile to repeat a similar payoff.

But maybe that IS the solitary lesson worth lifting up concerning the legal woes of our 45th president, who seems likely to be the first U.S. president ever charged with a crime.

“Some people NEVER learn.”