The “f” in Refugio Stands for. . .

By Andy Pate


The “f’ in Refugio stands not just for football, or better said, only partly does it stand for football.  The “f” stands boldly, and mainly for Friendship, that  close, unyielding bond established between men and women, boys and girls, which, once established, is destined to continue for a lifetime.

For true Friendship to exist, acceptance and respect among the individuals involved are required, which does not mean total agreement among the parties.  In fact, rhere may be huge differences of opinion and life-views, but there remains always acceptance and respect, often summoned up as “love” for the other.

Acceptance and respect are never trivial in a true friendship.  They are paramount, overriding all other values or viewpoints.

Also, true friendships persist;  they survive the tests and trials that inevitably occur in every human relationship. Friendship often undergoes serious tests, like working through lies and inconsistency among the parties, but when the friendship is true, it survives; and upon passing through a serious test or trial,  is stronger than ever with value added.

True friendship also includes true fellowship, a sharing in life that is both pleasant and uplifting.  One may or may not realize the importance of fellowship, but that it is present, that it is realized as a wondrous source for satisfaction and pride in living, ultimately the foundation stone in  true friendship.

True friendship knows it will be tested.  True friendship knows it may become weak, as happens to all human feelings.  But true friendship conquers all obstacles.  It lasts!