Opinion Sparked by Shutdown’s End, from around the Nation

A. Lidden, TexOpress  — It was disheartening to note this morning that the Corpus Christi Caller-Times has recently decided to play down national Opinion pieces in favor of promoting the Corpus Christi area.  Promotion is important, of course, but the free expression of opinion lies at the heart of a free press.  Our history has been strengthened by free expression, which is itself controversial.  The way it should be.  The way we grow.  To paraphase the philosopher SÖREN KIERKEGAARD, "The moment controversy entered the Garden of Eden was the moment we became truly human."

Peter Baker, NY Times — For a president who believes in zero-sum politics and considers compromise a sign of weakness, it was a bruising setback, a retreat that underscored the limits of his ability to bull his way through the opposition in this new era of divided government. As it turned out, the art of the deal at this stage of Mr. Trump’s presidency requires a different approach and the question is whether he can adjust.

Editorial Board, Chicago Tribune — There is no guarantee that this deal will mean a return to functional government. It’s a short-term agreement that keeps the lights on for three weeks while negotiations continue. Trump vowed that if he didn’t get money for the wall, “the government will either shut down on Feb. 15, or I will use the powers afforded to me under the laws and Constitution of the United States to address this emergency.”

Virginia Hefferman, LA TimesStone tried to hide his panic with bravado, a boy whistling in the dark. But his shtick seemed moth-eaten and creepy. He struck the moribund Nixon two-V-hands victory/corruption pose. He smiled nervously. He broke out an old chestnut: “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about!”

Sure, bud. He sounded like private-sector cons Elizabeth Holmes (of Theranos) and Billy McFarland (of the Fyre Festival), who are sunny and delusional even as they’ve been revealed as stone-cold frauds.

“Lock him up!” chanted the crowd.

Caller-Times, Herb Canales—A switch on Opinion by this Corpus Christi, TX newspaper, to concentrate on promoting local affairs and events.

But the point is that national media coverage of Corpus Christi as a place of doing business is essential to creating a positive image of the city, one that depicts it as friendly to business, an open invitation to investors in the petroleum and petrochemical industry and in all other respects.

Success breeds success and that is certainly true for tourism too. Broadcasting our appeal as a tourist destination should be nonstop. But that challenges us to develop and enhance exciting venues to capture the imagination in a competitive industry.

Austin Statesman, Juan Castillo —

Like the rest of the country, McAllen residents aren’t of a single mind on immigration: Some lined up to cheer Trump, feeling the government hasn’t done enough to curb illegal immigration and a wall is needed. Others feel the president is inventing a crisis at their expense to build a wall they don’t think will work.

We can argue the merits of a border wall all day. But a crisis? That’s not the McAllen I know.