The Joy of New Discovery

When we were age eight or nine, my good friend Bob got eye-glasses for the first time.

He was elated at what he could see, as he told me, "I didn't know you could actually see the blades of grass or the leaves on trees."

So it is, the  joy in discovering something new, especially when it is wonderful and uplifting.

I saw multiple pictures of Niagra Falls before I actually went there, at age 58.  They were really beautiful, beyond what I had seen in photos or imagined.

I watched my children learn how to walk and talk, how to bathe themselves and, of course, how to read and write.  What great joy filled them with each discovery.

This very day may provide us to fresh moments of joy in discovery.  For the "new" is ever around us.  We just need to see, like Bob, that the new is real and wonderful.

Prayer for Happiness and Energy

Gladden my heart and mind so that I may sing your glory. Even when I am overwhelmed by despair and difficulties, guide me toward your light and be my refuge. With Your Grace upon me, I no longer feel sorrow or grief. In your mercy, I can rejoice in everlasting happiness and joy.AMEN.

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