Daily Devotion – 26 January ’23


Let's see if we can get acquainted.  We probably don't know one another very well, and that's unfortunate.

But we all have issues; and I'm going to assume for the moment that you have, perhaps some of the same issues I do.

One is loneliness.  Another is procrasttination.  And among many others, fear or uncertainty about the future.  So, let's go from there.

First off, if your are especially feeling separation from others, or loneliness as we usually think of it:  do contact at least two friends or persons you'd like to be friends with.

Have a brief chat.  If possible, take one or more to lunch.  Just be around a few people you like.

Secondly, if you're beating yourself up for not getting things done when they maybe should have been: pick out one or two of those you've procrastinated about for some time, and get it done.  One will help.  Two will heal.

Ah, yes, there seem to be too many reasons to be fearful of the future.  And it's not just our advancing age.  People of all ages are feeling down in the dumps about all the discord, the constant lying and the unexplainable delays in the execution of justice.

Be up, for yourself.  Think about your blessings, and try not to let your doubts enter in.  And if you blend this way of thinking into 1 and 2 above, I personally believe you'll consider this a very fine day.

God bless!

Pastor Andy