Daily Devotion – 2 February ’23

How Do We Love "We"

We seldom count the ways.  We're much more interested in whether other people are mainly sending their devotions our way.

But February invites us to look more deeply at the meaning of love itself.

My first thought is that "we" are loveable, from birth to death and beyond.  We dont' need to be better than we are; we're good enough in God's sight to be worthy of his love.

And, I believe, we're good enough for one another.

To love another is to appreciate deeply the  uplifting qualities that make him or her different.  It could be their looks; their practical minds; their understanding of life in all its complexities; and, of course, we love another the most when our love is reciprocated.

"Love one another, even as I have loved you," Jesus said to his disciples, and I firmly believe, he says it to all of us even more resoundly today.


Your help much appreciated

2 thoughts on “Daily Devotion – 2 February ’23

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